2011 Wolfmans Wandering Rally
Deadwood, SD
Schedule of events


50/50 raffle


  1. Devils Tower. 170 miles Go west on US 85/14A towards Wyoming and turn right on US 14A – Spearfish Canyon. You will come across Savoy, and Spearfish Canyon Lodge. Here next to the highway is Spearfish Falls, but you can’t see it from the highway, you must take a short hike down to it. After that, go across the road and go for 1 mile to Roughlock Falls. You can either take the road or the hiking trail. Continue to Spearfish. Turn left at the stop into town. After the right hand curve and down the hill, you can turn left at Grant Street and go 1 block to the Flour Garden Bakery. It is worth it. Back to the ride, keep going towards Belle Fourche on US 85. Turn left at the 4 way stop on the south side of town, towards Hulett, WY and Devils Tower (highway 34, then 24 in WY). Keep going on 24 past Hulett to US14, and turn left towards Sundance. Once there, go through town to highway 585, and turn right and go to the stop sign at US 85. At 85 turn left and go to Lead/Deadwood.

  2. Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. 120 miles Go towards downtown, and turn right at the stoplight. Go straight thru the next light and then right at the 3rd light. Turn left on US 385 and go to Brownsville. You will know when you are there by the Ferris Wheels alongside the road. Turn left onto Nemo Road, and continue past Nemo to Norris Peak Road where you will take a right. This will take you to Johnson Siding and a right turn. Follow highway 44 back to 385 and turn left. Go past Pactola and Sheridan lakes to a 3-way junction called 3 Forks. Turn left on US 16 and go to Keystone and Mt. Rushmore. After Mt Rushmore, go west on 244 until you get to highway 385. Turn left to go to Crazy Horse (about 6 miles), or turn right to Hill City and then on to Deadwood. Mt. Rushmore charges $11.00 to park.

  3. The Twisties. 180 miles Go south on 385 to Nemo road, and turn left at the Ferris wheels onto Nemo Road. Follow this to Norris Peak road. This is a right hand turn onto blacktop, and a small sign. Watch the speed signs on this road. When you get to Johnson Siding (the stop sign) turn right onto 44. Go to US385 and turn left to Three Forks then go right to Hill City. At Hill City, turn left towards the Holiday Inn Express. Follow this road to Keystone.  Remember to watch for the 1880 train. Turn right at Keystone to 244 past Mt. Rushmore and to 385 again. Watch for mountain goats in this area. At US 385 turn left for about a block and take another left onto 87. When you get Sylvan Lake, turn right onto 89 to US 16A. If you want, pay the $10 to ride Needles Highway, which is a beautiful twisty road too. If you do, follow 87 to US16A then turn left. US 16A is Iron Mtn. Road. This famous road has the pigtail bridges, and tunnels that frame Mt Rushmore. This will take you back to Keystone.  Here we will stop for lunch, and ride the Hill City - Keystone road the opposite way. At Keystone turn right at 385 and head back to Deadwood.

  4. Three Canyon ride.  100 miles Start the same as the Devils Tower ride (Spearfish canyon), but at Spearfish, turn right and go to US85. Turn right at US 85 and go back to Deadwood, only turn left at the intersection at Deadwood, towards Sturgis (Boulder Canyon). At Sturgis end up at exit 32 and go to Vanocker Canyon then turn right at Nemo road. At 385 turn right back to Deadwood. This will also be the womens ride. Anyone can go, but ladies first.